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You'd like to have your own Auction Site?

This can be very profitable as long as you don't try to compete with eBay & eBid etcetera.

We've found that specialising in "Niche Markets" is the best way to go. You'd be in the best position to know what these might be.

We'll build you an Auction Site & set it up for you. These sites are heavily dependent on the dB [data base] that runs them. They're controlled by a secure "Admin" section of the site where, once logged in you can make changes to the way it all works.

Don't worry, we'll show you how to do this...

There are a number of ways to do it but we've found adapting a template to be far the best. There are many such as: WordPress, Joomla! Drupal, WeBid & so on...

Left: some examples of Auction Sites.

Again, we'll help here by looking at the details of your project & together we'll decide the best way to go.

You're buying a "Money Making Machine" here!

If you are interested in any of our e-Services please pre-book using the button below or enquire via our contact form & we'll include all or any of these listed functions absolutely free of charge!

FREE ~ Blog.
FREE ~ Google Analytics.
FREE ~ Google Custom Search for your site.
FREE ~ Image Animations.
FREE ~ CMS [Content Management System].
FREE ~ Shopping Basket / Credit / Debit Card Payments.
FREE ~ Search Engine Optimisation.
FREE ~ Sub Domain & Hosting.

P R E - B O O K I N G  $ 1 0 . 0 0

We're using US Dollars here because we work for international clients.


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