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These days Flash has become a rather controversial technology.

Some people feel that because a few smaller [and older] devices cannot display Flash it's now outdated.

These same individuals will play games like Candy Crush on their i-Phones. All produced using Flash!

We feel it has it's place and in time the smaller devices will have the computing power to display it...

Some unkinder than us have said, "The people saying Flash has had it's day are the ones who never got to grips with it. They want to see it go because they can't do it".

We'd never gloat like that...

Take the example, left: produced with [for example] animated .gif would take forever to load into a page. In the right circumstances it's the best solution.

This particular animation was built up over years as new stockists came along, so it's hard to estimate how long something similar would take at one go. We'd guess it's a couple of days solid work and come to the price below. Obviously if you want / need a smaller one we could quote for that...

Time will tell who's right about whether we'll continue to see Flash in our websites. We hope we will.

It's a great tool. In the past [before small devices became internet capable] we built whole sites in Flash. We'd perhaps not do that now but we do hope it'll be about for a few years yet...

It's been a very useful to us!

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You can register your interest by paying a deposit:

P R E - B O O K I N G
$ 1 0 . 0 0 !

We're using US Dollars here because we work for international clients.


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