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A well designed web site should be well laid out, easy to navigate and good to look at. All can include: "CMS" [Content Management System]. The site owner controls some or all of the content.

Web sites fall into 4 main types:

1. "Brochure Sites" that describe the products and services an enterprise provides without any means of purchasing them online. They can include a "Blog" and in a case where you need to include content only visible to "Members" a way to register and sign in.

2. The top image [left] is a site adapted from a template "WordPress". There are many. This gives the site owner control of all content, images and the Blog it contains. The image below it is an original design Brochure type site.

3. "e-Commerce Sites": these are secure sites where a visitor can purchase products and services on line. ~ We offer 3 main types.

4. "Auction Sites": like eBay.

These last 2 are more complicated and get a page of their own.

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If you are interested in any of our e-Services please pre-book using the button below & we'll include all or any of these listed functions absolutely free of charge!

FREE ~ Blog.
FREE ~ Google Analytics.
FREE ~ Google Custom Search for your site.
FREE ~ Image Animations.
FREE ~ CMS [Content Management System].
FREE ~ Shopping Basket / Credit / Debit Card Payments.
FREE ~ Search Engine Optimisation.
FREE ~ Sub Domain & Hosting.

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We're using US Dollars here because we work for international clients.


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